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Invitalis Vitalymed Shiatsu Multi


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Very sturdy, very easy to use, just switch on and relax. 

The kneading massage is one of the most intensive andeffective massage techniques. 

It penetrates into deepest and lowest level of muscles: 

1. Eliminates tension, reduce fatigue/stress 

2. Promotes circulation, strengthens the metabolism 

3. Especially beneficial for the shoulders, neck, back, legsand soles of the feet 

4. Simple to use without outside help or effort. 

Use: Inside the massage device there are 4 balls whichthrough their circular movements, mimic almost perfectly the pressure andkneading massage of a massage therapist. The device has two massage directions:turn the device on/off, press and switch to the desired position, perform therelaxation massage with gentle pressure and stimulating massage with strongerpressure. 

Depending on your tolerance we recommend an initial massage lengthof up to 10 minutes; later you can slowly increase the duration. 

Caution: do not expose the device at heart chest area/ circulatory diseases, please consult with your doctor. It’s not a toy, not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Please read the users manual carefully. 

What’s included: 

Uk plug included. 

Car charger plug, so you can use it in the car perfect for long journeys or helpful for long distance drivers travelling long distances. 

Condition and Warranty: 

Comes with 2 years warranty. So please contact us if there is any faulty issue with it. Manufacturer – Invitalis, Germany. 


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